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Business Solutions

NLINEAXIS IT Solutions Private Limited is a software development company established in 2013 by Kapil Goutam. The company has its head office in Jaipur with a team of skilled Salesforce developers who excels in providing high-end Customer Relationship Management software. 

NLINEAXIS developers have experience binding technical Salesforce utilities with next-generation business solutions to meet clients’ requirements.  In a journey of more than 8 years, the company has successfully met the business requirements of many clients fulfilling complex and challenging situations, eventually polishing the skills of the development team that is headed by a highly skilled project manager. 

Our team at NLINEAXIS keeps clients’ satisfaction as its priority which is attained by utmost transparency, effective communication, and extending 24-hour support to help its clients globally.

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What We Actually Do

Software Development Services

Our team at NLINEAXIS are master of technology innovation. With a wide range of services available to offer, we ensure it adds value to your business. Hurry up and book a consultation now! 

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Work Culture At NLINEAXIS

Over the years, the team at NLINEAXIS has developed a sophisticated work culture. The development team believes in paying attention to basic details to provide glitch-free business solutions.

Step 1

The process starts when the client communicates with the team in the first instance. Clients' vision and requirements are retained.

Step 2

Various teams are deployed to analyze every minute aspect linked with project development.

Step 3

NLINEAXIS communicates with the client and explains the working process that includes the resources, budget, and analytical aspects.

Step 4

As soon as the client approves the plans, the team starts laying out its implementation sequentially.

Step 5

The team creates the prototype followed by rigorous testing to detect and fix glitches. All this binds to make the software ideal for the client’s need.

The 5 easy steps to deliver a high-end business solution are backed by a strong customer support management that promises to serve clients 24*7.