Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions

1. Salesforce ORGanizer

An impactful tool that has garnered significant attention in the realm of the Salesforce ecosystem is Salesforce ORGanizer.

2. Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension

One of the standout Salesforce Chrome extensions is Salesforce Inspector. This extension serves as a comprehensive debugging and data analysis tool for Salesforce developers and administrators. It empowers users to explore and manipulate Salesforce data directly from within the browser.

3. Enhanced Salesforce Formula Editor

Enhanced Salesforce Formula Editor is an advanced tool designed to augment precision and productivity within the platform. This upgraded formula editor represents a pivotal evolution, catering to the needs of administrators, developers, and users who seek to extract maximum value from their Salesforce implementations. The foundation of this extension lies in its ability to streamline complex calculations and logic-based tasks.

4. Scribe – Documentation, SOPs & Screenshots

Scribe represents a Salesforce extension developed with the intention of aiding users in the creation and organization of documentation, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and visual aids like screenshots.

5. Salesforce Mass Editor

This tool empowers users to make simultaneous updates, edits, and modifications to a substantial volume of records, sparing them from the time-consuming ordeal of individually editing entries. By providing a centralized platform for bulk data manipulation, Salesforce Mass Editor significantly enhances productivity, especially in scenarios involving data cleansing, campaign management, or routine data updates.

6. SOQL Extractor and Analyzer for Salesforce

This tool enables users to easily fetch sets of data from their Salesforce organizations, thereby enabling profound examination and comprehension of their business workflows. The extraction feature empowers users to selectively retrieve desired data, encompassing specific objects, fields, and criteria.

7. Crazy Compare Salesforce extension

Crazy Compare surpasses mere identification, extending its features to include synchronization abilities that enable users to align data across various instances. This capacity holds immense significance in situations where maintaining data integrity and consistency is of utmost importance. By simplifying the tasks of data comparison and synchronization, Crazy Compare optimizes data management workflows, supporting organizations in upholding precise and uniform data records.

8. Boostr for Salesforce

The Boostr Salesforce extension enhances the productivity of Salesforce administrators and developers by providing various capabilities. These include the ability to efficiently search for items while adding them to a change set, streamlining the display of specific item types on a single page during change set addition, and showing API Names alongside field names when editing field sets for easier identification.

9. Salesforce Navigator for Lightning

Facilitating swift and convenient access to frequently utilized Salesforce features and pages, Salesforce Navigator for Lightning offers a user-friendly solution. Accessible through a simple click on the search bar located within the upper navigation menu of Salesforce Lightning, the Salesforce Navigator for Lightning presents an easily navigable search interface.


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