Choosing between sales or service cloud

As soon as you step in the leading CRM technology and IT services, i.e. Salesforce, you come across two module alternatives to select from: Sales cloud and Service cloud. Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud is becoming a hot topic of discussion amongst business organizations. To know which one is best for your business, you need to learn the basics that make these popular. 

As the name suggests, Service cloud focuses on the case and service aspect that’s beneficial for organizations with prime domain as services and goods.

On the other hand, Sales cloud is beneficial for organizations that deal primarily with customers’ leads, sales and new prospects. However, both the platform shares similarity i.e. Salesforce Platform. This is the reason that both the platforms share a few common features yet are distinctive.

Both the clouds are built with cases, contacts, leads and opportunities. But there are some other functionalities that sets them apart. The Sales cloud focuses on sales development, however the Service cloud covers customer support and integration.

This guide will help you to identify and understand the concept of Sales cloud and Service cloud and their characteristics.

Pitching sales high with sales cloud or service cloud

So now when you have developed a basic understanding of Sales cloud, let us dig deeper into the latest addition in the Salesforce CRM revolution. 

The concept of Sales cloud emerged when the experts realized the need for sales automation which otherwise is a time consuming process. With sales automation, businesses can experience a hike in their sales process in a much shorter time and money.

It is the ideal tool that organizations use these days to streamline their sales cycle and reap the best of the benefits of their team productivity. 

A few basic sales automation that it covers is-

  • Call logging
  • Records and analytics 
  • Emails

Apart from these automations, the Sales cloud is also capable of aligning the sales and marketing plan with the business operations

Take the back seat and keep scrolling to find out the features that make Sales cloud the buzzword in today’s business scenario.

Top 4 Sales Cloud Features-

sales or service cloud
  • Reports and dashboards: It is an effective service to monitor business reports and keep a track of your progress by highlighting the strong pillars and the weak ones.
  • Compatible with mobile devices: Mobile compatibility is one such thing that can keep you ahead of your competitors by empowering you to access manuals, log calls, reports remotely.
  • File synchronization: Cloud services lets you share and synchronize files on the go making your business mobile.
  • Account and contact management: Sales cloud aids you the flexibility to manage your connections, communications, accounts at your fingertips, or say finger taps on your smartphone or any other compatible smart device.

Amping your services with Service Cloud

If you are still unaware of Service Cloud, then it is likely that you did not communicate recently with any customer service manager. It can be a business savior as it helps retain customers, as they say and the reports prove it.

Service Cloud is an effective tool to get critical consumer insights to help you make more calculated and informed business decisions.

This way, you can score some points and get positive customer feedback.  

Top 4 Service Cloud Features

  • Customer service: It provides a single platform utility that delivers customer service via social media; ditching the need to visit websites.
  • Chat service: The live chat assistants are a bliss to extend online support that eventually helps in enriching the customer experience and engagement. 
  • Email: Auto-email is a boon for the businesses to sense case record’s characteristics and dispatch personalized emails post product/service sales.
  • Self-service: A must to highlight is the self-service options that the Service Cloud provides easing up the customer experience. A few to jot down are the Knowledge Base, Lightning Knowledge and many more.

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The End

Depending on the business goals, you can opt for the sales or service cloud that Salesforce has to offer. You can easily figure out your dependency and evaluate the best product that can boost up your ROI.

However if you find any struggle, there are some best in class CRM and ERP solution providers like NLINEAXIS that can be helpful to disperse any cloud of confusion and opt a better one, i.e. the Sales cloud or Service cloud.


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