#1 Salesforce Managed Services

For a successful Salesforce CRM implementation, consistent operation, efficiency, and access to the latest features are essential. As businesses expand, the demands for maintaining and supporting the Salesforce Org increase accordingly. Relying solely on a single Salesforce administrator may prove inadequate for handling complex scenarios while also implementing new changes to the system. That's where the expertise of a seasoned Salesforce Gold Partner like Nlineaxis comes in, providing Salesforce Managed Services to alleviate the burden on your IT team and allowing them to focus on revenue-generating projects.

At Nlineaxis, we deliver responsive, robust, and cost-effective managed services tailored specifically for Salesforce products. We aim to maintain implemented instances at peak performance while continually capturing business value. Our solution is flexible, scalable, and customized to empower your Salesforce Org with enhanced processes, streamlined workflows, and bug-free functionalities. We offer round-the-clock maintenance and support, ensuring prompt resolutions to complex and critical issues.

Our comprehensive Salesforce Managed Services cover the entire lifecycle, including consulting, integration, implementation, development, customization, data management, integrations, and migration. With Nlineaxis as your partner, you can rest assured that your Salesforce ecosystem will operate seamlessly, enabling your business to thrive.

What's included in our Salesforce Managed Services?


We assist in executive goal-setting workshops and conduct business process reviews, ensuring your Salesforce Org aligns with your long-term objectives.

Salesforce Optimization:

Our experts help merge new functionalities with existing ones, eliminating technical debt and optimizing your Salesforce Org for maximum efficiency.

Ongoing Enhancements:

As your business processes evolve, so should your Salesforce Org. We manage backlog refinement, streamline processes, and oversee continuous delivery to provide transparency to leadership.

Technical Experts and Industry Specialists:

Our team comprises Salesforce and other technology experts, providing comprehensive technical support to help your admin thrive.


Transitioning to Lightning doesn't have to be daunting. With our managed services, you can choose the pace and impact of the transition on your organization.

Integration Updates and Support:

We offer integration monitoring, troubleshooting, and custom API integrations to ensure real-time synchronization and seamless data flow.


We ensure proper documentation of integrations, validation, and storage review, along with implementing robust backup policies to safeguard your data.

Center of

Our team helps build a Center of Excellence (COE) to align IT strategy with business goals and measure performance through valuable KPIs.

Quarterly Business Reviews:

We hold ourselves accountable by conducting quarterly business reviews, setting goals, reviewing KPIs, and prioritizing future roadmap planning.

Development Operations:

Drive productivity and efficiency with Salesforce DevOps best practices, guiding you through the stages of crawl, walk, and run in support of your entire Org.

Analytics, Reports, and Dashboards:

Gain insights into your business with custom-built reports and dashboards, showcasing the metrics that matter most to your organization.


Our salesforce manage service experts assist in designing and creating ideal journeys for your prospects and clients using Pardot and Marketing Cloud.

With Nlineaxis as your Salesforce Managed Service provider, you can trust us to enhance your business, support your digital transformation, and maximize your investment in Salesforce.
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Benefits of Salesforce Managed Services

Team of certified Salesforce professionals at NLINEAXIS executes Salesforce Managed Services in the perfect chronology for seamless training and adoption.

We promise you to deliver

Error-free functionality
Efficient resolutions

Focus on Growth, Leave the Management to Us. Contact Us for Tailored Salesforce Managed Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Salesforce Managed Service?

Ans 1. Salesforce Managed Service is a comprehensive support and maintenance package provided by Nlineaxis to ensure the smooth operation of your Salesforce platform.

Q2: How can Salesforce Managed Service benefit my business?

Ans 2. Salesforce Managed Service benefits your business by offering ongoing technical support, regular updates, performance optimization, and issue resolution for your Salesforce implementation.

Q3: What types of support and maintenance are included in Nlineaxis’s managed service package?

Ans 3. Nlineaxis's managed service includes support for troubleshooting, system enhancements, user assistance, data management, and configuration adjustments.

Q4: Can I customize the managed service plan according to my specific business needs?

Ans 4. Yes, Nlineaxis allows customization of the managed service plan to align with your specific business requirements and objectives.

Q5: Why should I choose Nlineaxis for Salesforce Managed Services?

Ans 5. Choose Nlineaxis for Salesforce Managed Services to access expert assistance, timely updates, reduced downtime, and efficient utilization of Salesforce capabilities.