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features of lightning web component and auro lightning web component

What Makes Lightning Web Component Better Than Aura Lightning Component

Modern businesses are adopting CRM services at a rapid pace as compared to the obsolete times. With ever increasing dependence on these tools, businesses are coming up with new utilities to boost their business processing like Lightning Web Component.

Lighting Web Components & Aura Lightning Components are amongst the most-talked additions in Salesforce Services to amp up the CRM game.

However, this article emphasizes more on the advantages of Lightning Web Components over Aura Lightning Components. Read this article to get complete insights.

Introduction to Lightning Web Components

Lightning Web Component is a new programming model that is innovated on modern web standards and browser improvements. The web components aids web pages and app development via custom & reusable HTML tags. 

Two components plays role in it-

  • Lightning web component
  • Aura Component

Both of it co-exists to create a cumulative environment for an unmatched performance. 

Deploying the technology for your business process provides the following advantages- 

  • Better productivity
  • Better performance

The recent 5 years contributes to the evolution of the web stack.

Salesforce Lightning web components facilitate easy management by the web browser. Lightning web components provides plethora of tools such as custom elements, events, decorators, modules, rendering, templates in ECMAScript 7 and more.

Pro’s of Lightning Web Component-

  • Enhanced security
  • Lightweight and super-fast
  • Supports advanced technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5

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Introduction to Aura Lightning Components

Aura Lightning Components is a user interface framework helpful for creating single-page applications on the Salesforce platform. Plug & play components act as reusable components units in the platform. 

Also, each Aura component contributes in performing small tasks independently. 

Moreover, Aura components work collaboratively to build single-page applications.

Pro’s of Aura Lightning Component-

  • Better device(s) compatibility
  • Fast development speed
  • Better browser compatibility

Get an edge over ALC with Lightning Web Components-

There are many benefits of Lightning Web Components that gives it an edge over Aura Lightning Components. Scroll down to get a quick glimpse of a few-

  • It drastically improves the site loading speed over ALC.
  • LWC’s scripts are based on HTML & Javascript language that makes it much easier to operate.
  • Absence of a separate framework makes LWC easy to learn. 
  • LWC offers two-way data binding that brings efficient data coordination & management.

Final Verdict

Now when you are familiar with the concept of Lighting Web Components, we recommend you to implement its advanced utilities to hike up your business revenue.
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