Performs accounting functions specifically in the areas of Accounts Receivable, Revenue Recognition, Ledger reconciliation, and Reporting.

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Invoicing and Billing:
• Prepare and issue accurate and timely customer invoices in billing applications (Zuora, Recurly, Netsuite) based on sales transactions and contractual terms.
• Verify the accuracy of billing data, including prices, quantities, and discounts.
• Collaborate with sales and customer service teams to address any discrepancies or billing inquiries.
• Maintain POs received in Billing Portals and raise invoices against them. (SAP, Ariba, Coupe, etc..)
Payment Processing:
• Record incoming payments in Banks and apply them to the appropriate customer accounts.
• Reconcile discrepancies between payments received and amounts invoiced.
• Monitor and manage overdue accounts, coordinating with customer teams to reconcile in case of any variation on account of any reasons.
• Monitor and time to time process Credit Card & PayPal payments from customers.
Customer Communication:
• Communicate with customers to clarify payment terms, resolve billing inquiries, and follow up on
outstanding balances.
• Collaborating with internal departments to reconcile any discrepancies.
• Maintain a daily Ticket Queue (Zen Desk, Salesforce Ticket Queue) of client queries to ensure professional and positive relationships with clients.

Accounts Receivable:
• Perform regular reconciliations of accounts receivable to ensure accuracy and completeness.
• Generate and analyze weekly, monthly, yearly or Adhoc reports related to accounts receivable, including aging reports,sales reconciliation, cash flow projections, and collection status.
• Investigate and resolve any discrepancies or variances in account balances.
• Provide insights to management regarding trends, challenges, and opportunities related to accounts receivable.
Revenue Management:
• Perform revenue analysis, management, calculations, and reporting functions on a regular basis (Zuora, Netsuite, Recurly).
• Analyzing and posting the accounting journals, making reclassifications and corrections.
• Prepare & submit weekly/monthly ad hoc reports.
• Month end closing of entities assigned for consolidated results which includes accruals, provisioning, depreciation, revaluation of foreign currency balances, and other related adjustments.
• Assist in revenue accounting and closing processes on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
• Forecast monthly revenue and identify and communicate revenue opportunities to management.
• Preparing the reports for the final balance sheet for each month end within the consolidated ERP systems.
• Prepare month-end and quarter-end presentations for management for revenue improvements.
• Identify and resolve revenue related issues promptly.
• Find opportunities and recommend solutions for process and automation improvements.
• Drive quality month-end process with agreed timelines.
• Maintaining high rigor to achieve defines process SLAs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:What is AR and AP Account Process Outsourcing?

Ans 1. AR and AP Account Process Outsourcing with Nlineaxis involves entrusting your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functions to our expert team. We handle invoicing, payment processing, and reconciliation, ensuring seamless financial operations for your business.

Q2: How Can AR and AP Outsourcing Improve Cash Flow?

Ans 2. AR and AP outsourcing by Nlineaxis can significantly enhance your cash flow. By optimizing the invoicing and payment processes, we ensure that funds are managed efficiently, reducing delays and accelerating the availability of working capital.

Q3: What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing AR and AP Management?

Ans 3. Outsourcing AR and AP management to Nlineaxis offers numerous benefits. You'll experience cost savings, error reduction, improved compliance, and streamlined financial operations. Our expertise ensures your financial processes are in safe hands.

Q4: How Does AR and AP Automation Enhance Efficiency?

Ans 4. AR and AP automation through Nlineaxis's advanced tools and technology leads to remarkable efficiency gains. We automate repetitive tasks, minimize manual errors, and expedite processes, allowing your team to focus on strategic financial decisions.

Q5:Is Data Security a Priority in AR and AP Outsourcing?

Ans 5. Absolutely, at Nlineaxis, data security is our top priority in AR and AP outsourcing. We employ robust security measures and adhere to strict compliance standards to safeguard your sensitive financial information, giving you peace of mind while outsourcing your financial processes.