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Top 10 Subscription Management Platforms in 2021

Boosting up a business’s sales has never been so easy, all thanks to the Subscription Management Platforms. It provides a new way to manage and monitor billing subscriptions for a better customer experience.

However, in the vast market selecting an optimal platform can get quite confusing. Read this article to know about the top trending subscription billing platform in 2021.

Top 10 Subscription Management Platforms

  • Recurly: Recurly is one of the best subscription payment services available in 2021. It is suited to almost each type of business. Recurly services are popular to aid a business by providing precious customer insights, automated billing processes and much more.
  • Zuora: Sync your subscriptions on a real-time basis via this competitive platform. The number of features it has to offer makes it a popular choice amongst enterprises, be it local or global.
  • Stripe: Already, thousands of businesses have deployed this subscription management software to manage the recurring payment of your subscribers, get precious customer insights and assist on other aspects to grow your business.
  • Profitwell: Profitwell can be the ideal tool for your recurring payment management. It has a wide range of functionalities that can help your organization to conduct precise price audits, detect any revenue leakage and get detailed insights.
  • Zoho Subscriptions: It is another subscription management service in the list that can assist your business by monitoring billing of your existing customers throughout their journey.
  • Chargebee: A popular subscription management software in the list that can help streamline your business with a list of features that it has to offer. Some of the features that are on the list are product catalog, cancellation management etc.
  • 2Checkout: A platform that lets you manage and optimize billing subscriptions without much hassle. The tool promises to manage the revenue process throughout the customer’s lifecycle. Hourly billing, online invoicing, mobile payments are some additional features that make it potent amongst a wide range of billing platforms that are available in the market.
  • Sage Intacct: Track your subscriptions effortlessly with the help of Sage Intacct. It is a self-service portal that extends a variety of functionalities. It includes online and customizable invoicing, deferred billing, recurring billing and much more.
  • Chargify: There are many interesting characteristics that make Chargify one of the most capable billing management software. Not only is it effective in monitoring billing subscriptions, but also helpful to detect duplicates and fix it.
  • SaaSOptics: It is a competitive platform for B2B businesses & others that depends on subscription services. This cost-effective platform is compatible with various technologies like Salesforce, Quickbooks etc. 

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Opting the best recurring payment management

With a huge number of billing platforms available in the market, selecting an optimal one could be a hectic job. If you are struggling to opt out the one that fits your business needs, then we suggest you consider Recurly payment services. It is compatible with a wide range of softwares that makes it a versatile platform. 

NLINEAXIS has a vast experience of integrating Recurly services with business operations for effective billing management making it a trusted software development company for your subscription billing & management system.



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