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Introduction To NLINEAXIS

Hiring an experts software development company can make desired difference in creating high-end business software solution. NLINEAXIS is a superior software development company that delivers IT services at a reasonable cost. 

Read this article to get a detailed overview of the Software Development Company.

Need for Software Development

With users spending more time on laptops and smartphones, precisely integrated software solutions can make a whole new difference. It enhances business output. From storing critical data, managing to marketing, it does it all.

Taking the road less travelled

Road Less Travelled

The journey of NLINEAXIS can be traced back to the year 2013. It was the venture by Kapil Goutam, who is an expert technical architect.

The company led by Mr.Kapil Goutam was later joined by technical experts in their witnessing a growth in the workforce.


To succeed one must be visionary and our team at NLINEAXIS are well aware of the fact. Although the venture started from the scratch with limited services, it now offer a variety of IT services.

Discover the variety of services that we offer below.

Our team is ready to digitize your business

Discover our team that is ready to give you the best products and services in the business-

Data Analysts

Data Analysts are dedicated to scrutinize the data received in structured format. It also includes arranging data to such a structure that is most desirable to the clients and their requirements. 

Senior Data Analysts

At NLINEAXIS, we do not leave room for even the slightest of the mistake. It is done by the team of senior data analysts that is deployed for the purpose.

IT Engineers

They are solely responsible for the technical aspects associated with the project. The technical aspect is itself a vast area that includes front-end and back-end development, and the elements that are in-between.

Integration Experts

The integration experts supports the software application development process and bridges the gap between clients, users and software development teams. 

Content Creators

With a team designated to create contents, we promise to cover even the marketing part of the project. It includes elements such as creating original and quality contents in text, audio and virtual format. 

Find the right service(s) to suit your business needs

  • Content writing: Making your online presence felt is important in boosting up business revenue. We provide content writing services to achieve that.
  • DataGroomr: As the company claims, it is the best tool that can help you deduplicate your Salesforce. It reduces the complexities that were earlier associated with it. Our team of experts has a stronghold on the algorithms hence helping to find duplicates easier than applying filters.
  • DBAmp: DBAmps services are the ultimate solution that can allow you to access all Salesforce data via the SQL server. It eliminates the need of programming, allowing you to modify objects within no time. 
  • DocuSign: DocuSign is the perfect solution if your ability to use the e-signature is limited to a few platforms. With over 500,000 satisfied customers globally, it is your perfect partner for all your digital signature needs across various devices. (SOURCE)
  • Data Analysis: Examine, cleanse, transform and structure data with Data Analysis. It helps retrieve useful insights for informed conclusions that means scalable business operations.
  • GainSight: Revenue optimization, product analysis and user engagement software, customer service software, customer experience software and what not! GainSight services can help you take care of multiple activities responsible for your business growth.
  • Google App Script: Launch and accelerate your lightweight application development for Google Workspace platform with Google App Script services. It makes your services more scalable. 
  • Looker: Looker is the perfect service providing better control at every situation linked with your business. It provides precise data insights.
  • PostgreSQL: By availing PostgreSQL services, you will experience an effective database management system like never before. With over 30 years of its existence, PostgreSQL is likely to make the difference that was desired. (SOURCE)
  • Recurly: Recurly services can turn your subscriptions into competitive advantage. And it is easy, quick and efficient!
  • Salesforce: As it is no more a secret, Salesforce is a complete enterprise solution. Salesforce services are meant to empower your business in ways more than you are familiar about. 
  • Snowflake: Ensure that none of the data is missed by any user with Snowflake services in action. It lets you store all your crucial information on a data cloud hence making it accessible from a single platform.
  • SSIS: Data extraction, transformation and loading (in short ETL) has become easier with the help of SSIS services. We provide it at a reasonable cost while maintaining privacy.
  • SSMS: SSMS is a complete package for any SQL server. It can help you develop, configure, access, manage and administer all components that are included in the SQL server. 
  • Selenium Testing: Validating web applications across varied browsers and platforms holds importance. Selenium testing plays an important role in it.
  • SpringCM: SpringCM services can help you accommodate your sales documents (and contracts) across desktop, mobile and partner applications. It take care of elements that are included in the contract life-cycle.
  • Testing: Be it software created by us or an existing one, we provide testing services. It ensures that you provide a seamless experience to your employees and customers. 

Working in a playful environment!

If you are looking for a regular working space, then you are the wrong place. At NLINEAXIS, we are equally concerned about our employees well being. We have a neatly laid workstation that is surrounded by trees to let in fresh air. We always keep communications open and transparent that provides us with new ideas to complete every project for client’s welfare.

Befriending our elite clients

Below is the list of clients befriended in the journey-

  • Alhena 
  • DxContinuum
  • Inwise
  • JWPlayer
  • Krow
  • VANA Workforce
  • Zumzum

With a wide range of services, we are sure to help you with the right software needed for your business.


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