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Top Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development For Your Business

Top Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development For Your Business

Top Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development For Your Business

While doing Research, I’ve found that in 2018, average Americans spent over three hours a day using custom mobile app. This represents an increase from the two hours a day that typical people spent with apps five years ago. People don’t just use their mobile phones and tablets to access videos or social networks more today, they also spend more time benefitting from mobile apps for business. 

Above 90 percent of all corporate employees use mobile applications to handle at least some aspect of their job. So, if you are still tied to your desktop and unsure how to get your company to approve your great idea for a custom mobile app development, consider these below mentioned benefits of Custom mobile app for businesses:

Top Trending Benefits of Custom Mobile App

1. Improve Employee Productivity

Working with people who design custom mobile app gives companies a chance to rethink their business processes. They also offer employees the opportunity to conduct business where it makes the most sense. Business apps can help improve productivity, company processes and employee satisfaction.

2. Ease Maintenance and Upgrades

Businesses that rely on general apps they might download from one of the app stores have no control over updates or maintenance. Companies that create their applications can modify them at will. Your customers and opportunities won’t wait, and you should not have to wait either.

3. Enjoy Competitive Advantages

Downloading the same software as competitors to manage key business processes is limiting for an innovative and efficient company. Companies can enjoy one of the primary advantages of custom mobile app development when they don’t have to fit their processes to accommodate the app, but can build an app to fit their processes.

4. Secure Business Information

Another of the main benefits of mobile application development is control over data security. Companies that rely on off-the-shelf applications cannot control security. In this age of heightened digital threats, taking risks with security can lead to losses and terrible PR.

5. Ensure Integration With Other Business Applications

These days, few applications get developed in a vacuum. New mobile apps for business usually have to communicate with existing systems. Developers can include these requirements as features in your custom application. Instead of generating more work by transferring information to various business applications, you can save time and reduce errors by including automatic integration.

6. Generate Additional Revenue

While your company may use internal apps to help improve employee productivity, you may also release apps to your customers. In some cases, you can even charge for the application or additional services provided by the app. You can certainly find ways to increase revenue from a valuable and customized application.

7. Broaden Customer Reach

Your business can develop apps to upload to popular app stores or that users can access at a separate web address. Either way, you will have an opportunity to command more digital real estate from which to reach customers. If you just download a typical app for your business, you are only contributing to another company and not your own.

8. Improve Mobility

Increased mobility and freedom explains why both your employees and customers use mobile apps so much. It’s interesting to note that the boom in mobile app use hasn’t really reduced the time people spend on laptops or desktops — it has mostly increased the total time spent online. You can develop a custom mobile app to reach out to people wherever they happen to roam.

9. Gather and Share More Information

Customized apps can take advantage of other mobile technology to gather a lot of information about a customer’s or an employee’s locations and habits. For example, Google found that 60 percent of users willingly shared their health information with a fitness app. Also, younger workers generally view communications on their mobile devices faster than on their desktops or laptops.

10. Save Money

If you want to convince your bosses or funders of the benefits of mobile application development, mention that they can improve your company’s bottom line. In a survey of only very small businesses, owners believed that they saved over five hours a week because of the efficiencies that having their own app offered them.

Typically, the custom mobile apps explored in this research were designed to ease the burden of routine tasks, and the owners said their Salesforce companies also profited because they had more time to focus on their primary business goals. This study emphasized that their estimates were conservative because they only polled startups and SMEs with fewer than 20 employees. Big companies have more employees and chances to save time and money with customized mobile apps.

How to Leverage the Advantages of Mobile App Development?

Your business can only fully experience all of the custom mobile app benefits if you plan to develop an mobile application that maximizes value. For that, you need to make sure your mobile app developers work with you to create an excellent UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design to confirm people like using your new custom mobile app. Other considerations may include the application’s impact on the device’s battery, overall performance and security.

You may also need to consider the pros and cons of developing mobile apps for specific operating systems versus web-based applications that users can access from their phones, tablets and traditional computers through an Internet browser. Mobile App Developers can employ frameworks that help them efficiently develop and maintain versions of apps for multiple platforms, so neither you nor your end users have to choose a specific kind of device.

Explore innovative ways that custom mobile app development can help improve productivity and revenue in your organization. If you want to have a custom mobile app we’d love to hear about fresh ideas for custom salesforce mobile apps for businesses and even to contribute a few of our thoughts. Contact Nlineaxis anytime to take the next step.


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