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Guide of Most Trending Tools For Salesforce Org Health Check

Salesforce as a platform offers useful features to organizations of all sizes and types. When it comes to adopting the best Salesforce strategy for your company, though, there are a lot of moving parts to consider. Apart from the organization’s routine activities, there is a need to guarantee that everything operates smoothly.

Rather of waiting for a calamity to strike and disrupt your operations, a monthly health check may help you avoid security threats and keep your business running smoothly. A Salesforce org health check may be a proactive way to verify that your company’s digital operations are safe and efficient, giving you a competitive advantage.

What is Salesforce Org Health Check?

A Salesforce Org Health Check may be compared to a routine physical examination at your doctor’s office, allowing you to confirm that everything is in functioning order. Aside from the positive aspects, it will assist you to utilize any approaching threats that may be looming over your company.

A complete Salesforce health check provides information about your organization’s processes, security settings, and workflows, alerting your team to any concerns and allowing them to resolve them.

Why Should You Go For A Salesforce Org Health Check?

A regular Salesforce Org Health Check comes with its own set of benefits. Apart from providing a routine update, it also assists you in identifying potential flaws that might otherwise go unreported.

  • Improved efficiency of your Salesforce org, leading to better ROI
  • Provides a detailed view of how to move forward with your Salesforce org’s optimization
  • Allows you to give a clear picture of your Salesforce org’s data security
  • Improved user adoption and overall productivity

Most Trending Tools To Conduct Salesforce Org Health Check

1. Apex PMD Tool

PMD Tool is a well-known source code analyzer for Java and a variety of other languages. Salesforce recently teamed together with open source developers to produce Apex PMD, a robust and useful solution that supports the Apex programming language.

It is a free tool that is freely available and investigates two sorts of issues: DML operations and looped software inquiries. It can detect deviations from Salesforce best practises using its features. Apex PMD can simply check into common programming problems like unused variables, empty catch blocks, superfluous object instantiation, and so on. The Apex PMD tool may also be used to produce Salesforce org error reports.

2. Salesforce Health Checker Tool

If you’re a Salesforce Administrator, you may utilize the tool’s built-in health checker to detect and evaluate issues and vulnerabilities in your organization from a single dashboard.

What makes Salesforce’s health checker tool even better is that you can compare your health check score to Salesforce’s yardstick standard scores. This tool categorizes hazards depending on the magnitude of their effect and risks, which range from low to high, allowing you to prioritize them appropriately.

The Salesforce Health Checker is a free tool that gives you faster results. Its user-friendly design makes it simple to set up and operate inside your business.

3. Check Marx Apex Code Scanner

The Check marx Apex Code Scanner, which is also driven by Salesforce, effectively does an org health check. The Check marx scanner performs a security check on your Salesforce org and generates a full report detailing the risks and flaws based on code quality and security. It compares the results to Salesforce’s baseline standards and best practices as it conducts the test.

It is frequently referred to as the instrument that delivers the most accurate code security information. It’s simple to use: go to the portal, enter your Salesforce instance, and select the type of scan you want to conduct. Before running the scan, you can choose to utilize a Security Profile, a Quality Profile, or both.

As you submit the form, you will receive a full report in your connected email with the risks detected and the most effective solutions to address them.

4. Manual Org Assessment

If you don’t want to use any of the accessible tools, a manual org evaluation is an option. It may be considered in circumstances when your internal staff has the necessary skills and is intimately familiar with your Salesforce org.

However, it is usually advisable to have a procedure in place before performing a manual org evaluation. If you’ll pardon the expression, it’s like a to-do list.

Some of the criteria you can base your manual org assessment upon are:

  • Record And Ownership Skews
  • Data Storage
  • Batch Classes And Scheduler Per Object
  • License Usage
  • Standard Vs Custom Development
  • Workflows Vs Triggers Implementation
  • Custom Setting Or Metadata Configuration For Controlling Triggers

5. Salesforce Accelerator

Salesforce Accelerator is an underappreciated tool for reviving your organization’s health. It’s an on-demand tool that’s often accessible if a user is having problems with their Salesforce instance and needs specialized technical assistance from their team. This customized assistance will help you quickly fix issues with your Salesforce Org and get it back up and running.

Businesses can use this Salesforce service as part of the Salesforce Premier Success Plan. You must first file a request through the Help and Training site, after which a qualified professional will contact you. In 3-4 weeks, these experts will go over your organization’s risks and vulnerabilities and present you with a report on the concerns.

If you feel your company has the resources to join the Premier Success Plan, the Salesforce Accelerator can help you get real-time information from Salesforce.

Wrapping Up 

A balanced and routine Salesforce Org health check is a reality check on how your existing Salesforce org is doing and what can be done to improve performance.

Get in contact with us at Nlineaxis IT Solutions Private Limited if you’re a company searching for technical help for your Salesforce Org’s health. We’re here to guarantee that your organization can utilize Salesforce more efficiently, leading to greater ROI, with over 5 years of expertise and a 100+ strong staff of Salesforce professionals.


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