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Detailed Guide of Next Generation Of Tableau Cloud Introduced Via Salesforce

Salesforce announced Tableau Cloud at the annual Tableau Conference, the quickest and easiest method for clients to gain the full benefit of Tableau at a business scale. The new service is the next generation of Tableau Online. It contains innovations to enable anybody to find insights and confidently make data-driven choices by delivering intelligent, powerful, easy-to-use analytical tools. Tableau, part of Salesforce, enables clients to surface and receive actionable insights from their trusted data, establishing a single source of truth available at any time and from any location.

Companies are finding it more difficult to control expenses and keep their company moving ahead due to market instability and broad supply chain disruptions. Data can aid in the management of these complexity and shifts. Customers want real-time visibility into when things will arrive, and networked supply chains and production lines produce a plethora of data. 

According to a recent McKinsey research, there is a strong link between an organization’s planning performance and the use of advanced analytics. Data-driven supply chain management provides new methods to minimize interruption and respond quickly and confidently to unanticipated events. Tableau Cloud is the industry’s top analytics platform, allowing users to run their businesses wherever they choose. For their analytics, 70% of new customers chose Tableau Cloud over an on-premise or hybrid power solution. Tableau also provides self-managed solutions and is dedicated to giving customers the flexibility they want. 

“Tableau’s primary differentiators have been speed, simplicity of use, and adaptability. Customers trust us to assist them in transforming their businesses through data-driven decision making and enhanced productivity. Tableau Cloud makes it simple for our clients to achieve greater analytics success. Please keep in mind that Tableau Cloud assists our clients in delivering the analytics their users require while ensuring the greatest levels of trust, availability, and performance.”

What is Tableau Cloud?

So I hope now you have understood the broader aspect of what exactly Tableau is. Also please note that Tableau offers us different products and solutions to deal with and play around with data that users can utilize. All this is available in Tableau on-premise version. What if we get all these features permanently equipped in our system like a fully-hosted cloud solution similar to Salesforce Sales Cloud or  Salesforce Service Cloud

Well, Salesforce fulfilled users’ wishes by coming up with Tableau Cloud. Yes, you heard it right!

Salesforce added a new member to its fleet of the cloud for customers: Salesforce Tableau Cloud. On May 17, at the annual Tableau Conference, when Salesforce introduced the Salesforce Tableau Cloud to provide customers with all the services of Tableau at an enterprise scale. The Tableau Cloud developed will empower the customers to perform faster calculations and processing for better data-driven decisions. It is idealized and designed so that it can be accommodated in any enterprise architecture keeping all the industry standards in the correct places of functioning.

What Are The Features Of The New Tableau Cloud?

1. Speaking The Language of The Data 

Language of Data is not a new language that we have to learn to work on Salesforce Tableau Cloud, but an ideology that signifies finding insights and patterns in data the users use or obtain. The Tableau team understood that it was difficult for the users to speak the data language, so they had to make the data speak so that the users understood easily. Still, making data speak people’s language is even more complex. To solve this problem, they have introduced data stories that provide easy-to-understand explanations and story writing for data, helping users better understand the underlying patterns and insights.

2. Accelerators are Now in Tableau Too

These are not the accelerators that we have in our cars that are being discussed, but they are the accelerators available in Salesforce Tableau Cloud to be used as an enhancement. Tableau accelerators are ready-made dashboards where organizations can quickly insert data and obtain insights.

These accelerators can be developed and launched over Tableau Exchange as well. Coming to what Tableau Exchange is, it’s just like the Salesforce Appexchange. It is the place for all the extensions of the Tableau platform, and there are 100+ accelerators available on the Tableau Exchange.

3. Managing To Scale

The announcement of Salesforce Tableau Cloud even invited the presence of the Advanced Management feature in Tableau Cloud, which is to be equipped in the coming release. Advance Management promises to enhance agility and time utilization by bringing the functioning of manageability, security, and scalability together. It even allows multiple operational insight features to administrators by providing an Activity log that presents detailed information about adoption and performance.

It is due to the offering of Advance Management that the security has been enhanced as now we can get customer-managed encryption keys which adds up a layer of protection while aligning with the compliance standards of businesses.

4. Einstein Discovery to The Rescue

Now, in the Salesforce Tableau Cloud, we have Einstein Discovery’s AI intelligence, which will help users make more accurate decisions faster. Using Model Builder, teams can build more efficient predictive models and gain insights from their data rather than being stuck in the “what is the data all about?” phase.

Amalgamating Einstein Discovery and Einstein AI practices to Tableau will provide advanced solutions for users which can help them get analytical insights without leaving their Salesforce workflows.

Final Thoughts

With the new Salesforce Tableau Cloud, people understand, share, and distribute data in a more accessible way by automatically adding plain-language explanations. Many industries or enterprises can quickly deliver insight and value from data with the ready-to-use, customizable dashboards of Tableau Accelerator. Tableau customers manage, scale, and secure the deep insights of analytics more effectively through Tableau Advanced Management. People will make better decisions faster with more confidence as Tableau Cloud brings the (AI) artificial intelligence and (ML) machine learning of Einstein Discovery. Individuals to large organizations worldwide prefer to use the new Tableau’s advanced analytics. For more information contact Nlineaxis IT Solutions Private Limited


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