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Top Highlights Of Salesforce CRM Updates That You Shouldn’t Miss

Salesforce CRM is, without a doubt, the greatest CRM cloud on the market, but being the best all of the time isn’t simple. It necessitates a continuous effort of innovation, development, and actions to fit with the appropriate market trends. Whether it’s acquiring companies with specialist solutions that can be connected with Salesforce, or developing new business automation technologies, the Salesforce CRM cloud has always gone above and beyond to set itself apart and offer the best. 

As we all know, Salesforce is all about improvements and new technologies, so it’s no surprise that it’s continuously updating its services so that clients can take advantage of them and align with them. Let’s have a look at the latest 2k22 improvements that Salesforce has released.

Salesforce CRM New Updates Release Highlights

According to the research, the old and new sandboxes have seen additional additions, updated according to the newest version, which began on the 6th and 7th of May. Your organization’s sandboxes must have observed the modifications by now, but there are too many for one person to register all at once. So let’s have a look at the new features, improvements, and advancements that have been included in this update for improved functionality and simplicity of use.

1. With OCR – Ease Data Extraction 

We’re all aware of how difficult it is to extract information from tangible documents like insurance and mortgage papers, government paperwork, and so on. However, Einstein’s OCR (optical character recognition) model allows us to do extraction superfast by analyzing the document’s layout and content by scanning over the image of the document and obtaining structured data as a result. This feature is currently under beta testing.

2. Customized Address Fields

Yes, Salesforce opted to generate custom address fields in the same way that ordinary address fields are. This improvement is in the beta stage and is expected to improve address data accuracy and user experience.

3. No More Changes or Excess Information

It is tedious to get a large number of modified events even if the user is not engaging with them. Users may now separate specific fields and adjust the events they want to receive by using a filter over channel members.

4. No More Appointment Confusion and Scheduling

We frequently get caught wondering why some service appointments aren’t happening or what users and applicants may do to gain additional appointment time. All of that confusion is now at an end, thanks to Scheduling suggestions and appointment insights, which provide you with reasons and answers for your confusion. This feature is currently in preview mode.

5. Work Becomes Simple Because of Staged Data Features

Working with large amounts of data in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Analytics is a time-consuming operation. Still, using staged data, we can significantly cut processing time since staged data from precursor recipes may be used as input nodes in succeeding recipes. So it now merges once, receives the staged data, and utilizes it in all the subsequent recipes users want to work on. This is a beta functionality, and clients can test it at their own risk. It only applies to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Analytics in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

6. Easy Amazon Integrations

We can now directly connect the AWS information that we require with Salesforce using the new Salesforce Connect adaptor for Amazon Athena; this will allow us to examine structured data in a variety of ways and enjoy quicker querying results even on huge datasets.

7. Remove The Inactive

As removing them one by one is a tedious operation, we frequently start filling up our list of picklist values to deal with by putting both active and inactive values in the same location. Using the “Delete Unused Values” option in the Picklist Settings, we may delete inactive picklist values in mass. This feature is only available for custom picklists with predetermined values, and it is presently under beta testing.

8. Recipes Are Now In Salesforce Also With Kitchen

Salesforce has created recipes to deal with data and data flow; thus, the word “recipe” is no longer limited to the kitchen. With a single click, dataflows can now be converted into recipes. The “Convert to Recipe” option allows us to convert data flows without disrupting existing dataflows, allowing us to work on recipes that include data characteristics such as joins, sentiment recognition, and more.

9. Solving Cases Is Now Simpler

So, no more banging your head on cases, since with this Big Announcement, we have Einstein Search Responses, which will offer user case-specific answers with improved accuracy. Simply type the word into the global search bar, and you will get your answer.

10. Enhancement with Slack

With this Big Announcement, Salesforce developers may now use an invocable action to broadcast screen shots to Slack. Sending a message to Slack with a button for the user to click and initiate the flow is possible.

11. Updating Existing Schemas Is Possible

Previously, Salesforce developers couldn’t alter or update a schema while in the middle of a flow. But now, Salesforce Developers can upgrade registered schemas with the new functionality, since any incompatible schema version will trigger a workflow message. As a result, before initiating the upgraded work, that can be uninstalled.

12. Permission Sets Are Now Expired

We frequently issue permission sets to users and then forget to modify them. Perhaps the requirement is temporary access, therefore we use manual sharing, however manual sharing for a large number of profiles is inconvenient. However, permission sets now have an expiry date option, allowing them to be assigned even for transitory instances.

Wrapping Up

Based on the highlights listed above and the Salesforce CRM big announcement 2022 notes, we can conclude that the Salesforce Ecosystem has seen several changes and new additions in every sector, including Admin, Business and Automation, and Development. Many of the innovations are unquestionably life-saving for the user-targeted. Overall, we can conclude that the Salesforce Release has provided everyone with a plethora of features to experiment with and explore. For more information, contact Nlineaxis IT Solutions Private Limited



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