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A Comprehensive Guide on Salesforce B2B Commerce

Today, the market has become highly dynamic. Every organization demands an intelligent yet scalable solution to meet their business needs. Modern B2B Commerce brands are crafting innovation to sustain in an increasingly competitive market. 

It is injustice to a business that is not involved or resists investing in online presence rather believing in obsolete methods for their progress. Moreover, it can cost your business a high price if you tend to save a few pennies from choosing not to make a strong online presence.

Change with Customers Changing Expectations

Do you know what it is that entices B2B buyers most? It is the quick, connected and intuitive experiences that they get. With digital empowerment, employees become the champion of change, sole decision-makers of businesses. 

Various surveys reveal that B2B buyers willingly pay a premium for their purchases directly from manufacturers cutting off the intermediaries. Moreover, digital commerce encourages Average Order Value eventually increasing incremental spending. On the other hand, non-digital business options can slow down your production in the long term keeping you way back from the competition preferring the online alternatives. 

A few examples to validate the theory

It is not that the concepts are superficial, but on the contrary are backed up with proven case studies that are as follows-


An American food company has reported 5% increase in sales since the company established its presence online.


Reduces cost & time: The intrusion of technology in business organizations has eliminated the need of managing multiple touchpoints. The online market offers frictionless and smooth ordering options to the customers. There are many companies like Amazon that offer a wide range of products and customer service that includes structured and documented negotiations. 


A soft drink giant company witnessed a reduction up to 85% in the cost incurred in customer interaction.


Increase market penetration: The B2B industry’s revenue  growth is based on two main factors-

  • To retain customers
  • To widen market penetration

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud is a technology that provides effective additional channels for their customers. It provides clarity and needed pace for personalized product offering and pricing options. 

Reaching out to initiative customers and including them in new business models can help businesses to expand their market reach eventually increasing their ROI.


Upto 5X revenue growth than competitors


The wide range of features on Salesforce B2B Commerce can significantly boost your online presence and digitize ordering. Some other benefits that it includes-

  • Supportive selling
  • Scale storefronts

Enjoying all the benefits that Salesforce B2B Commerce has to offer can be done effortlessly with the help of expert Salesforce architects and developers like NLINEAXIS.


Our company offers a wide range of services that can help you to take your business online or manage your existing online business efficiently. The team of certified experts are trained to meet your business demands and take it to the next level.


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