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The world is finally moving on from the Covid-19, accepting remote working as a new normal. Even though we are coming back to our normal, there is something that has changed among us without taking much notice. That is attending virtual events.

Attending the virtual event has been so normal that, whenever someone says, wanna join for an event? The answer to the where can be a zoom event or an actual place. And pushing this confusion a bit more ahead, we are entering a Metaverse world where we can expect a virtual place as an answer to the question of where the event is happening.

You can take advantage of this changing environment by introducing an event application that can help people attend the virtual event, plan their events, and even help to register themselves for a physical event. If you are thinking about developing a mobile event app, here are some of the features that can help you stand ahead of your competition even in the Metaverse world.

Essential Features to Target in a Mobile Event App

1. Customization

Every one of us has attended virtual meetings and even lessons at least once in our life. Have you ever come across any platform that allows users to customize the app as per their choices? I guess no, right? Your mobile event booking app should offer customization. You can allow an event planner to plan different sessions under one event that automatically reflects on their registration system. Along with that, users should be able to mention the size of attendees that can attend the session. You can allow them to manage the duplicate registration or overlapping of the events.

Users should be able to manage their sessions, event break, social events, record sessions and so on as per their choice. It should allow the event attendee to add their registered events to their schedule. Along with that, the mobile event app can be a way of communication as well. You can allow the event organizers to send customized push notifications to their attendees to remind them about their registered events. The customization of the mobile event app can help you attract more target audiences. Your mobile event app should also suggest the upcoming events happening around them based on their booking history or interests in their past events.

2. Audience Interaction Functionalities

With the advancement of Metaverse, the mobile event app is going to grow more and more in the upcoming time. With time, the mobile event application can become one of the greatest ways for audience interaction for the event planners. You can allow users to have live sessions with their audience. Along with that, you can even add the messaging feature that attendees can use to ask away the question or raise the questions for the event planner.

Along with that, it should also allow the audience to rate the speaker and add their reviews or drop the feedback that other users and event planners can view. You can even offer a customized feature that can allow the event planner to gather surveys from their audience. You can even allow the audience to communicate with each other through the event without reliving their personal information. You can even allow the users to choose their preferred languages that can help you to attract a worldwide audience for your mobile event applications.

You can even allow the event planner team to interact with each other effortlessly. They should be able to communicate with each other, plan their activities together, plan schedules, send reminders and so on that can help them handle the events together effortlessly.

3. Monetization Plans

A mobile event application can have more monetization plans than any general mobile application could have. Of course, you can earn through the basic app monetization plans such as banner ads, premium content, paid features and so on. Along with that, you can even earn through an event planner allowing them with a premium listing and allowing them to perform the virtual event on your platform.

Along with that, you can even allow them to access the event analytics through premium plans. It can help the event planners with lead generation and lead capture. You can offer them detailed analytics with the list of users, who have to browse through their events, and attend events, along with their names, and contains information that can help event planners to target them for their events.

You can even urge the attendees to go for the premium version, which can help them to register themselves for the event before the regular attendees can, you can offer them a bit discounted price for the events and so on. A feature-rich and user-friendly mobile event app can help you earn more than ever.


Apart from these features, the Salesforce mobile app development company can help you explore more amazing features that can help you reach out to your target audience more effectively. You can Hire mobile app developers that have enough years of experience and expertise to guide you through the Salesforce mobile app development process. If you do not want to miss out on the trending technologies of Metaverse or NFT, you can reach out to the Nlineaxis IT Solutions Private Limited development team. We have a team of experts who have extensive knowledge about the trending mobile app development technologies.


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