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What Are The Perks of Salesforce Mobile App Development

What Are The Perks of Salesforce Mobile App Development?

Businesses have opted for many ways to remain in contact with their customers. Earlier, everything used to happen manually by the marketing and sales department, but now digitalization has begun seeping in. In this digitalized era, companies go for Salesforce Mobile Application development to connect with customers or clients without the help of middlemen. These days unique experiences are tailored for consumers, and companies understand and locate them better. This is only possible due to the Salesforce mobile app, as it has helped businesses to create healthy and strong relationships with clients while providing quality services.

Now, it is quite difficult to imagine a life without technology, which is why such a myriad of possibilities are present in the connected world. The limitless resource that Salesforce mobile application development provides to businesses is prompting them towards overall success. If you have decided on a unique application in Salesforce, then there are certain aspects you must consider before starting. For any mobile app project development, you have to hire Salesforce mobile app developers to make your app successful. Moreover, here you will find the benefits of the Salesforce app and some essential tips for the app planning and designing phase.

Perks of Salesforce Mobile Application

1. Instant Availability

In the platform, the availability of runtime can be instantly accessed. The users can download the app quickly.

2. Better Security

It is something that a business can never risk itself while using the platform of Salesforce. It ensures that full and proper security is there for users. Only scalable, trustable, and secured cloud mobile apps are built on the platform. In addition, it improves users’ experience by making applications that download faster and easy to operate.

3. Custom Mobile Applications 

Developers can create custom mobile applications regardless of the users’ devices. Smooth functioning applications as per the requirements of a business are possible with the Salesforce platform.

4. Offline Data Accessibility

With the services from Salesforce mobile application development, organizations can even make their app go offline. It is the biggest advantage as the data of apps can be synchronized with offline databases and Salesforce using Salesforce APIs.

5. Salesforce Mobile App Is A Data Scientist

The Salesforce Mobile application has the ability to generate 50000 GB of data every second. 70% of the data from it is of customers and their related information. Salesforce mobile app is your personal data scientist that helps you in getting insights into the data along with the recommendations and essential explanations. Einstein Analytics feature handles this aspect of the Salesforce Mobile application development. It will help you get a complete glimpse of your sales business along with the resource management aspects.

Points to Consider For Establishing Businesses Using Salesforce Mobile App

1. Look For Any Pre-Existing Solutions

In the Salesforce mobile application development, it is essential to check for any pre-existing Salesforce configuration or AppExchange solutions. You should also consider the app’s complexity of code changes or updates. Also, check for already built Lightning Components for enhancing the Lightning app.

2. Analyze Everything While Gathering Requirements

When you start the process, it is crucial to ideate the desired results versus copying the existing processes. You can propose new ways to reach the same result. Business processes can also be changed for getting the expected result in the application. Salesforce is an amazing tool that provides the facility to integrate with another tool too. If the functional processes become complex, you can take Salesforce mobile app consultancy, and they can guide you easily. Reporting requirements require attention in the app design phase only to help make decisions around object relationships and data types.

3. Ensure Your App Compatibility

Changes in the application can have downstream effects if you integrate with different business systems. You can leverage the existing fields if you re-purpose standard objects. Moreover, you can add some picklist values into the picklist field and assign these to a particular record type. If the app utilizes standard objects like Contacts and Accounts, you might require creating new layouts and record types.

It is important to update existing reports for including filters depending on record type and other integrations. Always follow the conventions and naming styles of your organization. For integration, look whether all the external system’s data needs storage in Salesforce and can we check that in real-time?

4. Maintain Data Integrity

Salesforce offers various ways to mobile app developers to impose data integrity. Validating rules, workflow updates, and default values can enhance usability and provide cleaner data. Duplicate rules and matching rules can prevent the creation of duplicate records.

5. Consider Security, Searchability, and Visibility

Data security should be the top priority while designing an app data model. Field-level security, record-level security, and object-level security are essential for consideration during app development or product management software. This becomes more important when the external users can use the app by a community.

The Master-Detail relationship helps users to view the available master records and access the details. With lookup relationships, it is possible to enable more control of the associated record’s visibility. You can include the profile-based testing reports as these can show various results to several users. Also, consider incorporating tabs for those objects that require being searched.

6. Generate Better Leads

Generating lead is easy with the use of a Salesforce Mobile application as there are many intuitive features embedded onto it for better sales processes. The timeline of the salesforce mobile application gives details about the lead along with the specifications of the meeting, tasks, and calls. You can now evaluate all the business stages to make sure that the processes are quite simple to manage.


Creating a Salesforce application can greatly benefit your company. So, spend time planning and designing the application with the strategies mentioned above to ensure smooth implementation.

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